Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall

Chiang Kai Shek Memorial hall,a must when visiting Taipei. It's in the heart of Taipei city and landmark of Taipei city. 

It's nice when visiting Chiang Kai Shek in this cold and windy environment. It will make you understand the great man who founded Taiwan by looking at his massive statue and life exhibitions that emphasized on his success in building Taiwan.

Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall includes a park and 2 well known buildings, National Theater and National Hall, whereby a lot of performance will be conducted. 

The main gate namely "Liberty Square"(自由广场)

The renaming of Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall was announced by President Chen Sui Bian on 2007. According to President Chen Sui Bian, Liberty Square also reflected the Taiwanese were holding freedom, democracy and human rights

National theater and national concert hall were also located here
Changing the guard in front of National Concert Hall and Theater
Unique white structure building with blue roof as their backdrop
I'm also grab chance to have a photo in this special building
We're closer to the building

We had 30 minutes to visit memorial hall. Walking from the main gate to memorial hall was a big distance but JoJo still insisted to took photos. (Due to short time, my biggest wishes was catch a glimpse of statue Chiang Kai Shek) .Thanks to JoJo, without her I might lose the opportunity to enjoy memorial hall's pictures

Yea, only left few steps we'll reach memorial hall
View of Liberty Square from Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall
Thumbs up to JoJo's photography skills that make us more nearer to Liberty Square word sculpture

The Taiwan soldiers were very young and good looking. I requested him to take photos with me but he refused. How bad he was!!!!Rosamond teased me and told JoJo that I had been refused by soldier that I love!!
(Attention: I wanted to strangle Rosamond)

We mistaken thought we able to view the dead body of Chiang Kai Shiek but after that we had been informed by the soldiers that his dead body was in Cihu (慈湖).We were informed by Ah Xiang that Chiang Kai Shiek was not buried in traditional Chinese fashion since he wished to buried in his hometown FengHua, Zhenjiang province. Arghhhhhhhh, I remembered Ah Xiang mentioned Cihu but I ignore about it in the coach.

My Mandarin speaking was in the poor level. I still remembered how am I asked the soldiers about Chiang Kai Shek's dead body by pointing the statues and said "where is his dead body?"Chiang Kai Shek was his former president and I used "his" to describe his lovely former president. I'm very rude. Super ashamed with it.


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