Monday, 13 January 2014

Leofu Village Theme Park

Update on **29 December 2013**

We stayed in Taichung CU Hotel for 1 night.

I hope not C U again!

The most small room that we had stayed for the whole Taiwan trip
smaller bathroom

we arrived Leofu Village Theme Park (六福村主题公园)on 9am and we're greeted with extreme cold,windy and drizzling day
It's not opened to public yet
The admission fees were included in the tour package
Leofu village's map

super cold until cannot hold the camera. JoJo forced to be the camera girl

JoJo was our theme park tour guide. Without her, Rosamond and me might get lose
The first visited theme park was Wild West, a street with western buildings
The western building consisted of western restaurant, bar and paper-made cartoons

JoJo was the main model that will appear in this blog post
Kindness Rosamond that helped me take my pink color umbrella
Western style signboard

She's scared with these tribe people
mini-sized carousel
Ginger bread

In the waiting area "Little Ratler"

Little Radler photo booths

so called barrel ride
The second theme park was South Pacific
Rock works mountain

One of the area in South Pacific, Lost World

Big Dinosour in the Lost World
steam boat

Looked like the real dolphin
Flume ride and dinosaur as her backdrop. We didn't have a try on flume ride 

We manage to explore few games in South Pacific

Mighty Mountain
In front of Kokonda Kora
It's Mighty Mountain

Sea Serpent
We ride on Sea Serpent
In front of Arabic Kingdom

The carousel named Ali Baba and forties thieves
That's JoJo wish to ride the carousel after watching korean drama "A staircase to Heaven" (天国的阶梯)

We're in African Safari
Temporary closed due to weather problem

Wow, white tiger in Leofu
Description of White Tiger
It seemed understand it was under observation of the visitors and had to do its tiger walk for few minutes

Narobi express was closed. We failed to see the animal safari in Leofu

A bowl of Kueh Tiao and a fish ball were surprisingly in reasonable price in Kenya Restaurant. Most of the food and beverage outlet in theme park Malaysia charged exorbitant price.


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