Friday, 17 January 2014

Wu Fen Pu

Our next stop was Wu Fen Pu, a wholesale market for all kinds of clothes. I needed to do some shopping.

From the guidance from the helpful Taiwan police, we learned Wu Fen Pu (五分埔)was in the Houshanpi (后山裨) line station on the blue line. Luckily it's close to MRT station by walking few minutes. 

We'll not get lose since the direction to Wu Fen Pu shown clearly 

From their face, I knew they're moving the same direction with me 
Wide variety of winter clothes with reasonable price 
wanted to do some shopping but found that most of them were selling winter clothes that wasn't applicable to me. 
It's better to do some shopping during Taiwan's summer. Am I in the high level of shopping spirit when it's summer?
Houshanpi MRT line station 

I lack of continuity to visit here for next time although it offered cheapest price compared to shopping malls in Ximending. 


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